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Animaicon.png Grinning Aoe
Grinning Aoe.jpg
"I can kill anything, even if it's not of this world..."
Daemon ID 482 Star.pngStar.pngStar.pngStar.png
Attackicon.PNG (min/max): 3249/9249
Defensiveicon.PNG (min/max): 2142/6162
Conquesticon.png (conquest): 15411
Limit Break Text.pngAttackicon.PNG/Defensiveicon.PNG: 10636/7086
Limit Break Text.pngConquesticon.png: 17722
Spiritreqicon.PNG: 25
Skillicon.PNGRain Dance
Reduces Divina Defense.
Attackicon.PNG/Defensiveicon.PNG (max): 369.96 / 246.48
Conquesticon.png (conquest): 616.44
Limit Break Text.pngAttackicon.PNG/Defensiveicon.PNG: 425.44/283.44
Limit Break Text.pngConquesticon.png: 708.88

It is said that this sword got its name after it was used to slay the spirit of grinning girl. However, the next morning, all that remained where the body should have been was a stone monument sliced in two... It is currently in training to learn to cut clouds and mists.

How to Acquire

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