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  • Haniwa most likely came to the Hina-matsuri Tower to see the dolls, as she was surprised to see Mira, but was disapointed when Mira said she wasn't a doll.
  • Haniwa refers to Mira as a weird doll. (Most likely because she is with a human, the Player.)
  • Best fused with Haniwa Magatama.
  • When Haniwa uses her skill at level 11 (20% increase), her defense will become 6060. (suggesting you didn't use Magatamas)
  • Haniwa is best used on a defense team.

More Quotes[]

  • Main: "There's nothing like refreshing somen noodles after a large meal!"
  • Skill: "I love Japan!"
  • Prologue: "Wow! The modern world amazing! We never had big buildings like this back in my village!"