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  • She is best to fuse with Hare of Inaba magatama.  She is also best fused with White Angel, Blue Angel, and Sleeping Beauty who share the same skill. Although it is not recommended that you fuse away Sleeping Beauty.
  • Hare of Inaba [HW] is one of two sealstone daemons to have dressed up for an event. The other one is Cat Sith.
  • Her Magatama is one of the easiest to obtain, so they can be used to help max your daemons.
  • Her Magatama may be the only Magatama with a skill to have an actual skill activation quote.
  • A good strategy to easily acquire her magatama is by farming chapters 1-2 for her sealstones while simultaneously farming for feeders or 1-star magatama. If this is done, usually only 2 battles are necessary for each set completion.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "There's no need to be angry at little old me!"
  • Release: "Wowee! Thanks for helping little old me! You're my next favorite, after Okuninushi!" - The white hare that appears in the Izumo myth of ancient Japan. She got sealed up by a spirit sealer one day when fooling around in Harajuku.
  • Skill: "La de la de la!"


  • Main: "There's no better time to play all manner of tricks!"
  • Skill: "Give me treats, or you'll be tricked!"
  • Encounter in Shop (Halloween): "Aha! Well? Does it suit me? Let's make this Halloween the best ever!"
  • Encounter in Shop (Anniversary): "Wow! It's so interesting here!"

[Xmas Eve][]

  • Main: "Feeling hungry?"
  • Skill: "Here's a tasty treat for ya! Yum, yum! "
  • Encounter in Shop: "Got any new ideas for pranks?"