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Masasumi Hashihime

Hashihime as appearing in the Kyōka Hyaku-Monogatari from 1853.

Hashihime was a girl who turned into a demon after becoming jealous of the girl who went away with her husband.  It is said that she waited on a bridge in Usi for her husband.  Couples that cross this bridge and see her will both be murdered unless they promise the Hashihime that the two will breakup.

Ushi no Koku Mairi (Not like you should do this)[]

  1. First make a doll out of straw
  2. Get a white Kimono, head band with candles, a mallet, and nails
  3. Go outside in a forest near a shrine during the hour of the ox (1:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m.)
  4. Put something belonging to the person you want to curse in the doll
  5. Make sure no one sees you or else you are the one who will be cursed
  6. Then pound one nail in the doll on a tree 
  7. Repeat the procedure until you have driven 7 nails in the doll
  8. If you do not do as told, you will be cursed as well.