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  • Best used in a divina attack team.
  • It is best fused with Hikoboshi Magatama.
  • Hikoboshi, Kengyu and Altair are the same entity; they are under different names.
  • He was tied with Jorogumo and Sanuki no Miyatsuko with 11500 attack for the highest attack for a 4 star daemon until the release of Alucio (Bayashi-5).

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Tonight we shall party like there's no tomorrow!"
  • Skill: "I'm afraid I'll have to punish you!"

Yggdrasil and Yggdrasil -[]

  • Main: "Mira will sort this all out for us."
  • Skill: "I see anger in the trails of those falling stars"
  • Encountering in shop: "Well this doesn't look good, does it?"