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  • Best used in an attack team.
  • Ibaraki Doji (Tanabata) is best used in a Phantom Attack Team.
  • Best fused with Ibaraki Doji Magatama and Ibaraki Doji (Tanabata) Magatama.
  • Professor Yata calls her Wappa.
  • She is the reason why the occurrences happen in both the Demon King Rises! Event and the Interstellar Tanabata Festival Event.
  • Mira often misspells her name much to her annoyance. List of nicknames by Mira and others:
    • Chibaraki
    • Chibara
    • Malarkey
    • Harikaki
    • Little Pest
    • Ibby Baby
    • Ibaraki
    • Irolono
    • Chiribaki
  • She, Shuten-doji and Dojigiri are the only daemons from the "Demon King Rises!" event to make a comeback.


  • Main: "Whatever you desire, my Lady..."
  • Event: "Oh, my Lady!"
  • Skill: "I'll smash yer enemies to pieces, my Lady!"


  • Main: "I can't wait to see her don her Yukata!"
  • Skill: "Don't cause any trouble for my lady!"


  • Main: "Are you sure I'm allowed to play a trick on you? How naughty..."
  • Skill: "It's time for a nasty treat!"
  • Encounter in Shop: "How I would love to inherit my Lady's half-eaten candy!"

Amusement Park[]

  • Main: "This amusement park isn't bad... Maybe is should bring my Lady here... Hee Hee!"
  • Skill: "Oh, my Lady! It's just to exciting!"
  • Encounter in Shop: ""