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Hi Onmyoji! We deeply appreciate your continuous support and enthusiastic activities all through the Interstellar Tanabata Festival. Now it’s time to vote for your favorite Daemons in the Festival. Whoever participates for a limited time will be rewarded! The most popular Daemons will be designed to wallpaper! For more information,please visit our official forums: http://zynga.tm/buN

Time is limited, Get a move on! Hey Onmyoji!

Event Details[]

Enjoy the Interstellar Tanabata Festival? Now all the Festival Daemons are ready to receive your review! Which is your favorite one and who do you vote for? Let’s take a look at the awards we have:

▪ Best Look: Who’s the prettiest Daemon? ▪ Favorite Daemon: Which Daemon do you love most?

▪ Impressive Story: Whose story impresses you the most?

We are going to choose 3 daemons as nominees for each award according to the nomination you provide in the post. The voting will be on our facebook fanpage.

Event Period[]

Run Period: 5th, July – 15th , July

Nomination period: 5th , July – 7th, July

Selecting nominees: 8th , July – 9th , July

Voting time: 10th, July – 12th, July

Results announcement: 15th , July

We’ll send rewards to your game account within 5 weekdays after releasing results.


Pic Item How to acquire
Candy Candy Vote for 1 Daemon

Beryl magatama

Amber magatama

Jade magatama

3 Magatama Some Lucky Omnyouji will get 3 magatama
  1. The 3 winners (Daemons) will be designed to wallpaper!


Interstellar Tanabata Festival The IT Daemon

Hey Onmyoji! Let’s hold our breath for this exciting moment!

The Best look goes to: orihime; The Favorite Daemon goes to: Shuten doji (calm), The Impressive story goes to: Satori (Tanabata)

Let’s cheer for them! Meanwhile, we are busy sending rewards to you! You'll get rewards within 5 days. Keep an eye on the in-game notifications!


My Facebook ID: 100000000001 ( Please provide your Facebook ID which bounding to the game , so we can award prize to you!)

▪ Best Look: Juliet (Tanabata)

▪ Favorite Daemon: Behemoth (Calm) (Tanabata)

▪ Impressive Story: Milky Way


Please check the “Daemons list1 and 2” to see which one is available to be voted.

Daemons list1

Daemons list2

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Ayakashi: Ghost Guild.