Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Onmyouroku) Wiki

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Pic Item Gold
Divine Nectar
Divine Nectar 180 Gold
Remedy x10 Set 900 Gold
Remedy 100 Gold
Spirit Water
Spirit Water x10 Set 900 Gold
Spirit Water
Spirit Water 100 Gold
Charm 100 Gold
Cabal Chain
Cabal Chain 100 Gold
Beginner Pack
Beginner Set 50 Gold
8 Limited Edition Pack ~11/13 23:59:59 50 Gold
Rare Summon Ticket
Mega-Summon Pack 5000 Gold
x60 Remedy pack (20% off) 4800 Gold
Spirit Water
x60 Spirit Water pack (20% off) 4800 Gold
Beginner Pack

Special Offer for Girls Day

(never actually happened)

40 Gold
"Doctors Without Borders" Donating Pack (8/29 8:00am - 9/11 8:00am) (Android Only)

Zynga will donate its entire share (70% of the purchase price) to Doctors Without Borders, Players' purchases are not tax-deductible. Click here to learn more.

x40 Divine Nectars, x36 Cabal Chains, x36 Charms, x4 Special Summon Tickets, x4 Gold Apples

7200 Gold
RareSummonPack 30-day rare summon pack 1800 Gold
Water.org Charity Set
[Limited Offer] Water.org Charity Set

10 Remedies. 10 Spirit Waters. This set is limited to one purchase per player.

1000 Gold
Mystery Bag ~ Limited Time 100 Gold

Buy Gold[]

Pic Gold $
Gold Coins
85 gold (iOS only) $0.99
Gold Coins
100 gold (Android only) $1.25
Gold Coins
350 gold $3.99
Gold Coins
600 gold $6.99
Gold Coins
1000 gold $11.99
Gold Coins
2000 gold $22.99
Gold Coins
3000 gold $34.99
Gold Coins
5200 gold $59.99
Gold Coins
9000 gold $99.99