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  • Jane Saw- can be put in any team, but mainly an Anima defense team.
    • All other forms of Jane Saw are best placed in a Anima Defense team.
  • Jane Saw is one of the Daemons to have come from an event, and be obtainable again in Rare Summon
  • If Jane Saw -'s skill activates at level 11, her attack will be 3955 and her defense will be 4520.
  • Jane Saw (Ultimate) is the first daemon to have a type increase that is dramatically, that is not a low, or very low trigger rate. It would've been almost two years later that another daemon shared this trait.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "It'll only take a second! VRRRNNNGH!"
  • Skill: ""
  • Pre-transmigration: ""

Original -[]

  • Main: "It'll only take a second! VRRRNNNGH!"
  • Pre-Transmigrate: "Hm...? My body sure feels weird, <Player's Name>... Like it's begging me to get violent, or something..."
  • Skill: 'It's time to...CU-T-T-T!!'


  • Main: "Where should I cut? Foot? Head? Or...? Heheheh"
  • Transmigration: ""
  • Skill: "Blade No.1 and Blade No.2!  I'm so glad to have you by my side..."
  • Event: "Heheheh. Are you a strong guy, I wonder? A guy with backbone, I wonder?"

Note: Jain Saw has a verbal tic in the Japanese version. She ends her sentences with '-kashira' ("...I wonder?") like Kanaria from Rozen Maiden.

Ultimate -[]

  • Main: "Where will the first cut be, then? Feet? Head? Or there's always... Heheheh..."
  • Transmigrate: "The Blade couple I've always dreamed of! Now I'll never want to stop sawing! Hee hee..."
  • Skill: "Ready? Here I COOOOOOME!"


  • Main: "Let me see. What am I gonna set fire to first?"
  • Skill: " "
  • Encountering in shop: "This makes me want to howl!"