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  • Kei Nine has opposite of the stats of Kay Nine.
  • Kei Nine is best used in a Defense team.
  • She calls herself Ukichi
  • Her textbox in story says Kay Nine, instead of Kei Nine.
  • If skill is activated at level 11, Kei Nine's defense will be 9605
  • Her original form has two photo IDs. One being the id for the original form (365) and the other being 446. She shares this trait with Fox Too and Amaterasu

More Quotes[]

  • Main: "Is something the matter? If anything's wrong, just let me know."
  • Skill: "Hoo hoo! Try again any time!"
  • Failed Negotiation: "Sorry, but I can't.  There's someone here I got to look out for."
  • Successful Negotiation: "Sure, no problem! All I ask you is that you treat me to some sweet chestnuts from time to time."
  • Re-encounter: "Arooo! Bring it on any time!"