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  • Best fused with Kinnara Magatama.
  • Both forms are best placed in a Divina defense team.
  • Kinnara is the weakest Rarity 4 Daemon.
  • Kinnara used to be the best daemon for defense with a spirit requirement of 15, until surpassed by Ushi-oni.
  • If her skill level is activated at level 13 (20% increase), then her defense will become 6060. (Assuming you didn't use Magatamas)
  • Kinnara is actually the male term for her. Kinnari is the female term.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "When I'm with you, everything around me just seems to brim with melody...It's most strange! Would you like to hear my song?”
  • Encounter in Shop: "Huh? The moment our eyes met... I could hear a most glorious voice! I do believe we're meant to be together!"
  • Skill: "It's my trusting heart that makes me powerful!"


  • Main: "Nothing soothes the soul like singing while dancing!"
  • Skill: "The soul of dance! The passion of song! These are the sources of all inspirations."