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  • Best used in any team or as a leader.
  • Special Ability: Boosts a daemon's HP by 30% when fighting Demon Kings.
  • She and Hariti are the same entity, Kishimojin being the Japanese counterpart of Hariti, a Hindu child-eating deva who later repented.
  • If skill is activated at level 13, her attack and defense will be 11400.
  • Like Hive Hunter and Poisoned Sake, She was released with a golden border, though this probalby has no significance, since she is just as same as a regular special ability daemon.

More Quotes[]

  • Main: "Chill out! I won't eat you so long as you behave yourself."
  • Encountering in Shop: "Hmm? HMM!? What is that delightful aroma? Could it be... Human flesh!?"
  • Skill: "You look pretty tasty, I must say..."
  • Event: "Ooh, I'm feeling a little peckish... Are there any little children around these parts, perchance?"
  • Event 2: "Something smells good.. Good, just like cute little children..."