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  • Best fused with Koi Carp Magatama.
  • Both forms best used in a Phantom attack team.
  • Her will to become a pop-star is relative how a carp can become a dragon if they swim up a waterfall.
  • Koi Carp [Halloween] is best fused with Koi Carp [Halloween] magatama.
  • Koi Carp is dressed as a skeleton of a Koi fish for Halloween.
  • It is revealed during the "Halloween SOS" event that she's always wearing her Koi fish outfit, even when recording for a prime time show. However, because she's wearing the Koi fish outfit, her appearance on TV gets cut off.
  • The skills of both versions involve physical attack, which might relate to how she is actually an ordinary human.
  • She's called "Carpie" by the others.
  • She and Sasuke Sarutobi seem to have created a certain bond, as seen in the last dialog afted defeating level 200 Pumpkin King in "Halloween SOS".
  • Even though her Halloween form's skill reads "Kick," her activation quote involves the word "Punch" instead of "Kick."
  • In the "Ayakashi Anniversary Tower", she was one of the daemons who couldn't attend to the celebration. In her telegram, she also states the beginning of her live premier.
  • In the "Ayakashi Quest" event she reveals that her real name is Sayuri Ijyuin.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "So you're seriously telling me I need to dress like this to stand a chance of pop success?"
  • Skill: "Who says fish can't fly?"


  • Main: "An actress has to have a unique personality, you know."
  • Skill: "Koi punch!"


  • Main: "Hee Hee! What do you think?!"
  • Skill: "Carp Breath!"