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  • Kyu is a good Sealstone daemon used mainly in an Anima defense team.
  • Ultimate form is best fused with Kyu magatama.
  • Original form can be fused with Maggie, in order to raise her skill level.
    • This is not recommended as you can only obtain 1 Kyu from sealstone completion, but you may alternatively fuse Maggie to his Original form if you do not wish to transmigrate him to Ultimate form.


  • Main: "There is nothing my arrows cannot pierce!"
  • Release: "I bow down to you! Take me to Yoichi, please!" -The soul of the bow with which the famed samurai marksman Yoichi shot a fan that was placed on top of an enemy ship. He was sealed away by Heike.
  • Skill: "I'll put an end to this."
  • Pre-Transmigrate: "Hey, <Player's Name>. It seems as though my aim can get even more precise still..."


  • Main: "I always hit the bullseye."
  • Skill: "Let me pierce right through a vengeful spirit..."
  • Transmigration: "I take <Player's Name> as my true master!"