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Lady Suzuka, or Suzuka Gozen, was the daughter of the Daiyonten Maou, and an imperial demon princess said to live in the Suzuka mountain range. She was known for her peerless beauty, and her literacy and military skill, and her strength as one of the most powerful ladies of war in ancient Japan. She was arranged to marry the head of the oni in the Suzuka mountains, and conspired to overthrow the human government currently subjugating the demon tribes. A man named Sakanoue no Tamuramaro was sent by the Imperial court to kill her and stop her plans, but when she engaged him in battle, they immediately fell in love, and Lady Suzuka turned her back on her arranged marriage and plans to overthrow the government, resulting in the death of her demon betrothed. The pair defeated the remaining demons and married, Suzuka giving birth to a daughter, but tragically dying at the age of 25. Sakanoue was said to have journeyed to the afterlife to bring her back from death, and the pair lived happily for the rest of their lives.

Lady Suzuka is alternately a thief called Tate Eboshi, or a celestial being called Suzuka Gogen, with another version of the tale having her be a thief who is pursued by the Shogun Toshimune for stealing the annual tribute to the capital, but the two fall in love and work together to defeat the evil gods in the mountains.

She is said to possess three demonic/divine swords - Daitsuren, Shotsuren, and Kenmyoren.