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  • Original and [Anniversary] form are best used in a Anima attack team.
  • [Shichi-Go-San] is best used in a Anima Defense team.
  • Best fused with Lady Wedge magatama.
  • [Shichi-Go-San] is best fused with Lady Wedge [Shichi-Go-San] Magatama
  • [Anniversary] is best fused with Lady Wedge [Anniversary] Magatama.
  • She acts as the informer, instead of Mira this time, in the "Alice in Ayakashi Land" Event.
  • She is seven-year-old girl when she is on Shichi-Go-San's Form.
  • Her Shichi-Go-San form once had the highest non-LB stat total in the game (30,000), along with Statue of Justice and Murasaki Shikibu [HW3]. They were later trumped by Ibaraki Doji [Amusement Park], Planetarium [Amusement Park] and Kotetsu [Xmas Eve].
  • Her Shichi-Go-San form once had the highest non-LB Defense for an Anima, the title previously held by Shisa. The title would later go to Yohen Tenmoku, then Trick or Treat [HW3].
  • In "Ayakashi Anniversary Tower" Event, she invented a highly addicting drink called "HERB" as well as an antidote (which is also called "HERB") to wake and calm down Pillow Phantom

More Quotes[]


  • Main: “I shall put in a word for you with the Queen. You can thank me later.”
  • Skill: "See? What did I tell you?"


  • Main: “These oriental garments are rather fetching, I must admit.”
  • Skill: "Oh dear! My clothes have got rather grubby!"
  • Encounter in Shop: "The poor? The penniless? I simply despise them!"


  • Main: “I think it is time for tea.”
  • Skill: "Mmm. What a delightful aroma."