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  • Both forms of Libra can be used as leaders in an Anima team because of her stats.
    • Fallen form, however, is best placed in a Anima defense team due to her skill.
    • Pure form is best placed in an Anima Attack team.
  • Libra represents balance; that might be the reason why her Attack and Defense are equal with her Original form and fallen form.
  • Equilibrium is another name for balance.
  • Pure form is tied with Löwe the Clown and Gemini for having the highest spirit requirement of any Conquest Event Reward (Excluding magatamas). 
  • According to Libra [Fallen]'s description, the light side holds chaos and the dark side holds order. This could be seen from our point of view, a typo, or something with a deep meaning. There are a few interpretations of Libra grasping chaos with the hand of order and grapsing order with the hand of chaos:
    • It might balance the forces inside and outside of her.
    • It might balance the powers of chaos and order themselves.
    • It could mean that too much order can cause more chaos than chaos itself.
  • She is the mascot of the "Galaxy Wars: Equilibrium" Event.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Gaze deep into my eyes and tell me the truth..."
  • Skill: "Be at peace..."


  • Main: "I clutch chaos in my left hand, and balance it with order in my right."
  • Skill: "All shall be reduced to naught..."