Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Onmyouroku) Wiki

Here is a gallery of Backgrounds used for dialogue.

Story Line[]

Gem Collection[]


Solo Conquest[]

Guild Conquest[]

Tower (Interior)[]

Tower of Dolls[]

Tower of Midsummer Dreams[]

Welcome to Halloween Tower![]

Elegance! Hina-matsuri Rebellion![]

Ninja's Elegy[]

Interstellar Tanabata Festival[]

Wondrous World of Weaponry[]

Hazy Moon Delight[]

Ancient Japan's Got Talent[]

Trouble at the Old Inn[]

Camelot Academy for Ghosts[]

Ayakashi Anniversary Tower[]

Interstellar Tanabata Festival: Tale of Yggdrasil[]

Ayakashi Quest[]

Spirit World Gone Wild[]

Spirit Collection[]

Tower (Exterior)[]


Background Tiles[]