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  • He is good to use in any attack team, though best used in a Divina attack team.
  • He is the first card to be able to decrease all daemons' defence greatly.
  • He is a highly efficient card; 32 spirit for one of the highest raw attack stats in the game and with a very useful skill.
    • He holds the title of most efficient MLB card in the game, surpassing 21000 attack for only 32 cost.
  • Maeda Toshimasu [Circus] is best used in a Divina defense team.
  • Maeda Toshimasu [Circus] is best fused with Maeda Toshimasu [Circus] magatama.
  • It is revealed during the "Greatest Show On Earth" story line that he carries a loin cloth that he can't go without. Mira knew about this special loin cloth.
  • [Circus] form has a higher cost despite having a lower stat total than regular form; most likely because of his skill.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Which lucky lady's going home with me tonight?"
  • Encountering in Shop: "We only get one shot at life. Let us live as we please!"
  • Encountering in Shop (Sengoku Celebration): "Which lucky lady's going home with me tonight?"
  • Skill: "Don't fall in love with me, babe."


  • Main: "Ah! You see? This is why I can never give this life up!"
  • Skill: "Step forward and fight!"