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  • Best put in a Defense team of any kind, but mainly Phantom.
  • Magellan is ranked #2 in the strongest Phantoms in defense, and #3 in strongest daemons in defense
  • Magellan is the very first bell summon lead daemon. 
  • Magellan seems to be based off of the navigator, and the galaxy
  • Before bell summon daemons received their own card layout (purple), Magellan's first card layout was like a regular daemon's layout. He shares this trait with Loco.
  • Magellan is the only bell summon to return as a four star.
    • He is also the only bell summon to be available as a limited rare summon after being a bell summon first.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Next stop, the Carina nebula!"
  • Skill: "Allow me to take you to the stars."
  • Encounterr in Shop: "Next stop, the Carina nebula!"


  • Main: "Hey, <Player's Name>! Cosmic trick or galactic treat?"
  • Skill: "This is how people play tricks in space!"
  • Encounter in shop: "This is how people play tricks in space!"