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  • Best used in a Phantom defense team.
  • Best fused with March Hare magatama.
  • March Hare, however, bears more similarities to the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland than the March Hare himself. The only similarity with the March Hare is that she has floppy ears. (the one running late is the white rabbit and the March Hare is the rabbit who has tea with the Mad Hatter.)
  • She is probably holding Quartz in her hand.
  • With the release of March Hare (Tanabata):
    • She's the only daemon from "Alice in Ayakashi Land" who returned as a Tanabata card.
    • She's also the only daemon who has re-appeared as a Lead Daemon
  • Her Tanabata form has less spirit requirement than her original form, even though that Tanabata form has a higher stat total.
  • She and The Princess [HW] are both first ranking event daemons that return as a lead bell summon daemon.


  • Main: "Oh no! This is awful, simply awful! I'm late! So late!"
  • Skill: "Just on time!"


  • Main:"Gah! I knew I wouldn't make it in time!"
  • Skill: "Uh-Oh...Has my watch stopped?"
  • Encountering in Shop: "I'm always running late...I wonder what I can do about it?"

Xmas Eve[]

  • Main: "Gotta get a move on! If I'm late to the Christmas party it'll be off with my head!"
  • Skill: "Um, how does this thing work...?"
  • Encountering in Shop: "Wait a minute, what time were we supposed to meet up...?"