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  • Best used in an Anima Defense team.
  • Original form best fused with Milky Way Magatama.
  • Yggdrasil form best fused with Milky Way [Yggdrasil] Magatama
  • Milky Way's maximum stats, spirit cost, and skill effect are identical to 3D Kal.
  • Milky Way [Yggdrasil] has the highest defence amongst the wandering ghosts upon skill activation, the title previously held by Shuten-doji [Anniversary].
  • Milky Way [Yggdrasil] is the first wandering ghost to exceed 200,000 def upon skill activation.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "I bring blessing to all in the galaxy."
  • Skill: "Let's see things go with a bang!"

[Yggdrasil] and [Yggdrasil] -[]

  • Main: "Uh, this isn't good at all..."
  • Skill: "Now, let's see here..."