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  • Despite being from the Ghost Guild, she barely has any idea of how to actually get to the Ghost Guild and gets herself and the player lost in Chapter Nine: The Ghost Guild on the way there.
  • Before Mira becomes your daemon, she lived in Kyoto. She likes pudding, watches anime all night, and likes to play with Phantoms. She was friends with Fleur Kitano and Fiorella Kitano, and she is also acquainted with Hashihime.
  • Mira cannot pronounce Nyarlathotep and often mispronounces Ibaraki Doji's name, although the latter may be on purpose.
  • Mira is envious of the abilities of ninjas.
  • Mira became very popular in the ghost world after singing with Leviathan and Dragon Princess (despite singing out of tune, according to Roaming Guitarist); eventually, she was asked by Leviathan's company to join the pop star industry. She rejected this offer to stay by your side.
  • Takemikazuchi has known her since Mira was a child.
  • Mira is extremely devoted to you; when Satellite Cannon was preparing to fire an enormous beam at you, Mira risked being obliterated by grabbing onto the cannon. (Luckily, Minerva arrived in time to stop Satellite Cannon from firing.)
  • Sushi is her favorite food, as revealed in the dialogue of Chapter Ten: The Spirit Stone.
  • During the first Anniversary event, Mira was made into a limited rare summon along with Dora. Click on their "Anniversary Form" tabs to see the in-game card information.
  • In the "Interstellar Tanabata Festival" event, it was revealed that her true greatest wish was to always be by her master's (the player's) side.
  • She was titled as the "Number One Anima" during the Wondrous World of Weaponry event, seeing that she would sacrifice her life for her master (the player) by taking the attack from Satellite Cannon's laser gun barrel.
  • According to the Roaming Guitarist, she sings out of tune.
  • In the "Ancient Japan's Got Talent!" Event, she, Satori, and Ameno Uzume form a dance group called the Mi-Sa-Me Megastars.  The groups' name takes one part of each ghost's name, meaning the Mi comes from Mira. 
  • In the "Ancient Japan's Got Talent!" Event, she claims to be 6'4" and still growing, but Satori says that she's lying, so she must be shorter than 6'4" at least.
  • In a conversation with Red Book, it is revealed that Mira doesn't want to go to college. However, at the end of "Camelot Academy for Ghosts", Mira says that she would like to go to school.
  • Mira mistakes Science with Séance.
  • At 42, she once had the highest spirit requirement of any daemon, surpassing a record held by both Emperor of Time and Kaguya Hime. This would later be surpassed by The Seven Flowers of Autumn, then Ibaraki Doji [Amusement Park].
  • It is stated by the game's author that Mira is 140cm tall (4'6"), weighs less than 40 Kg, is 13 years old (in human years) and has an "unknown" gender.  
  • Her birthday is the day she met you, her master.
  • You and Mira played the role of "the villager" in the "Ayakashi Werewolf Village" event.

Card Facts[]

  • Both forms are best used in Anima attack and defense teams.
  • [Anniversary] best fused with Mira [Anniversary] Magatama.
  • She holds both the first and second place for highest MLB attack and total stats in the game, with her second form on top and her first form right after, sharing the spot with Dora [ANNV].


  • Main: "Let's do the best we can, Master!"
  • Skill: "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!"
  • Encountering in Shop: "Congratulations on a year of being an agent, Master."
    "Heh heh... The Rare Summon is looking pretty special this time around. Let's come back later!"

[Second Anniversary][]

  • Main: "I can't thank you enough, Master!"
  • Skill: " Behold my power!"

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