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The Anatomical Chart is a medical tome revealing the inner workings and hidden mysteries of the human body.

Leafing through its pages, the ancient human desire for longevity is almost palpable.

When the Anatomical Chart first arrived on Japanese shores, scholars sensed its potential for furthering their knowledge and overcame formidable hurdles in order to translate it. The result is now known as the 'Kaitai Shinsho'.

The desire for knowledge about the mysteries of life lives on within this ghost. Its supernatural powers are believed to be something quite out of the ordinary.

Collect Enigma Gems and solve the mysteries of Tafel Anatomie. Do that, and you will be sure to gain a powerful ally.


  • A tome is a large book, especially one volume of a multi-volume scholarly work.
  • Kaitai Shinsho is the japanese translation of Tafel Anatomie.