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Moden depiction of ninja with ninjato (ninja sword)

Entertainers wielding ninjatō (ninja sword) in Edo Wonderland, Japan.

Ninja Blade is based off the Ninjato (忍者刀 ninjatō?), also known as ninjaken (忍者剣?) or shinobigatana (忍刀?). It is the most common name for the sword that the ninja of feudal Japan are portrayed to have carried in movies, on television, and in numerous books written by modern ninjutsu practitioners including Masaaki Hatsumi and Stephen K. Hayes. Replicas of this weapon are also prominently on display in both the Koka Ninja Village Museum in Kōka, Shiga and the Iga-ryū Ninja Museum in Iga, Mie.

Historically, there is no physical evidence for the existence of this "katana like sword legendarily used by ninja", though it is believed that they are based on the design of the wakizashi or chokutō type swords. Dr. Stephen Turnbull, a historian specializing in the military history of Japan indicates of historical ninja: "The most important ninja weapon was his sword. This was the standard Japanese fighting sword or katana...for convenience the ninja would choose a blade that was shorter and straighter than usual".