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  • Best used as the leader daemon in an Anima team, due to her ability to greatly boost defence and offence of Anima daemons.
  • Princess Wars form is best used in a Anima attack team.
  • She and Odairi built the Hina-matsuri Tower.
  • Best fused with Ohina Magatama.
  • Princess Wars form is best fused with Ohina [Princess Wars] Magatama.
  • She may have a sadistic personality, since Ox Cart Moko kept on saying that Ohina's heels hurt much more.
  • She is commonly called Hina by many of the characters.
  • She is called "Hinny" by Jubei.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "It's me, Hina! Is everybody having fun?"
  • Skill: "Let's see those smiles!"

Princess Wars[]

  • Main: "Hey, I'm pretty good at battle, too, you know!"
  • Skill: "Let the battle begin!"