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Animaicon.png Onimaru Kunitsuna
Onimaru Kunitsuna.jpg
"I'll hunt you down even in your dreams!"
Daemon ID 1132 Star.pngStar.pngStar.pngStar.pngStar.png
Attackicon.PNG (min/max): 4230/12000
Defensiveicon.PNG (min/max): 5251/15051
Conquesticon.png (conquest): 27051
Limit Break Text.pngAttackicon.PNG/Defensiveicon.PNG: 14607/18249
Limit Break Text.pngConquesticon.png: 32856
Spiritreqicon.PNG: 37
Skillicon.PNGDemon Slayer
Reduces all enemies' Attack. High trigger rate.
Attackicon.PNG/Defensiveicon.PNG (max): 324.32 / 406.78
Conquesticon.png (conquest): 731.11
Limit Break Text.pngAttackicon.PNG/Defensiveicon.PNG: 394.78/493.22
Limit Break Text.pngConquesticon.png: 888

The spirit of a legendary sword said to slay dream-dwelling demons. A refined character, her fondness for cleanliness borders on the compulsive. It only takes the slightest hint of grime to make her lose her appetite for combat, so you'd better be prepared to clean up after yourself if you're planning on making her your daemon.

How to Acquire

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