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  • Best used in a Phantom Attack team.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Will you make me a princess?"
  • Skill: "Clack...clack...clack..."
  • Pre-transmigration: "<Player's Name>...I think I'm capable of pleasing you even further."
  • Encounter in Shop: ""


  • Main: "Ohhh... I do so very much hope I'll be able to see you again this evening..."
  • Skill: "Remove all of these exorcising charms so that I can see my love! "
  • Transmigration: "Oh, dearest <Player's Name>..." A vengeful spirit who appears in one of Japan's top three ghost stories, The Tale of the Peony Latern, putting her in a class with Oiwa Yotsuya and Okiku. She walks the street late at night with a peony-patterned latntern in her hand, her wooden sandals clacking as she goes.
  • Encounter in Shop: ""