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Origin 1[]

The chōchin has a frame of split bamboo wound in a spiral. Paper or silk protect the flame from wind. The spiral structure permit it to be collapsed into the basket at the bottom. The chōchin hangs from a hook at the top. In present-day Japan, plastic chōchin with electric bulbs are produced as novelties, souvenirs, and for matsuri and events. The earliest record of a chōchin dates to 1085, and one appears in a 1536 illustration. The akachōchin, or red lantern, marks an izakaya.

Origin 2[]

Paper Lantern Hana could also be based off of a Chochin Obake, or the Bura Bura. The Chochin Obake is a Tsukumogami similar to the Kasa Obake, which is a Umbrella spirit. They both love to scare people, and are most seen at graveyards. If the person is not scared, they will disappear. They are mainly harmless.