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  • Best used in a Anima Attack team.
  • Formerly one of Eisuke's Daemon.
  • In story mode, when you are fighting Eisuke for the first time, Pearce has the skill Fiery Spirit. He also appears to be a 2-star daemon instead of a 3-star daemon.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Righteous or evil, all orders are the same to me. So what'll it be?"
  • Successful Negotiation: "I see... I'm no longer necessary... Even from afar, I shall continue to pray that my Master Eisuke finds peace in his heart."

Eisuke's ver.[]

  • Main: "Righteous or wicked, all orders be the same to me. So... Which is going to be?" The soul of a .45 revolver, born in the USA. Legendary lawman Wyatt Earp is said to have used this very weapon.
  • Skill: "Everyone! We must protect Master Eisuke!"