Pumpkin Pie HW3

Strongest Phantom Defense and the first defense card to hit above the 16k mark.

Gretel Summer HW3

Gretel [HW3] is currently the strongest Phantom in terms of raw Attack Stat at 15,811 attack.

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For the daemon, see Phantom (Card).

Phantom is one of the three classes of Daemons found in Ayakashi: Ghost Guild.

They are described as ghosts with a strong embodiment to hate or to feel the need to inflict malice and havoc. Phantom Daemons are most often manifested with negative (dark) energy. The power of a Phantom Daemon is based on their amount of dark energy. They are described as the most cunning, deceitful, and wicked. Though some Onmyojis have been able to befriend the Phantom race, it is likely that they are misunderstood. They are known to be untrustworthy and tricky at first. Loneliness and a horrible past life may be fuel for their dark energy, as they often seek revenge and cause destruction.

This class tends to include beasts, witches, demons, and lesser divinities (fallen angels). Phantom Daemons are associated with the abyssal realm of shadow, and associated with the fire element.

Phantom cards are RED in color and their skills vary, just like every other class.

Phantom type cards, in battle, have an advantage over Anima types, but tend to be weaker against Divina cards.

These strengths and weakness also have an effect on the overall battle: if the leader of the player's party is a Phantom class, and the opponent's leader is a Divina, the player suffers a minor disadvantage when engaging in battle.

Phantoms are the most common cards to come across while playing the game. Almost every mission has 1 Phantom card available to grab.

Currently, the strongest Phantom card in terms of sheer offensive power is Gretel [HW3], a rare daemon achieved from the third halloween event through rare summon. She has 15,811 attack when maxed out at level 70. (Seen at your right). She barely beat out Tsuina, a bell who had 15,800 attack at max.

The strongest Phantom class card for defense is Pumpkin Pie [HW3], with a whopping 16,150 defense, making it the highest possible defense obtainable by any card, even surpassing bells. Thus by default, making her the highest raw stat for Phantom defense.


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