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Postcard "Gruss aus Hameln" featuring the Pied Piper of Hamilin, 1902.

Phillip is based on the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Bascially, the town of Hamelin was suffering a rat invasion, and offered to pay the Piper, a mysterious man wearing bright colors who had come in not long ago, if he could rid the town of rats. He agreed, and playing a tune on his flute, he led out all the rats to the river, where they drowned. After returning to receive his reward, the townspeople refused, making excuses such as him dabbling in witchcraft. Furious, the Piper left, swearing revenge, but the townspeople brushed it off. Several days/weeks later, he returned, this time playing his flute so that the children were intruiged. There, they followed him to the mountainside, where they all vanished, never to be seen again.