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  • Original is best used in a Phantom Defense team.
    • However, it is better to use Aboro instead of Pillow Phantom, as she holds a skill, as well as higher combined stats.
  • The [Anniversary] form is best used in any Phantom team, though mainly Attack, due to higher attack stat.
  • Along with Kaede and Wind Weasel, she was present in Chapter Eight: A Vengeful Spirit Returns when Emperor Sutoku had been resurrected.
  • If [Anniversary]'s skill activates at level 11 (18% increase), her attack will become 7996 and her defense will become 5633.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Huh!? Where's my pillow? Sorry, I'll have to borrow yours...Zzz..."


  • Main: "I got you this gift."
  • Skill: "Zzzzzzz..."