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  • All, except Focused are best used in a Phantom Defense team.
  • Focused form best made leader in a Phantom team due to balanced stats and skill.
  • Pipe fox appears on the "Engarde! Ghost Agents Do Battle" picture
  • In reality, Pipe Foxes are not really good for pets, or daemons. They are able to grant your desires, but in exchange, they will suck out your life force.
  • Normal Pipe Fox is one of the starters in the game.
  • His [HW] form is the only form to not have a fox in the art.
  • He was originally planned to have been able to transmigrate, but this was either scrapped/will be replaced a the Focused form, or stored away for future use. [1]
  • Pipe Fox [Focused] is the mascot of the "Neverending Christmas" Event.
  • It is revealed that his real name is Terrence.
  • In the "Neverending Christmas" event, he's called by various names by the others. For instance, Carol calls him "Terri", Mechanical Orange calls him "T." and Miss Santa calls him "Tynnosaurus", which is in fact not an abbreviation as Mira says.
  • Pipe Fox is the only starter daemon to be male.
  • Pipe Fox is the only daemon to have a new form all 3 Christmas events.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "I won't let you down. You're my master, after all!"
  • Skill: "Now! Get behind my tail!"


  • Main: "I am happy to wear this clothes if it pleases you master"
  • Skill: "Witness my power!"
  • Encounter in Shop (Halloween): "Hmm... I know it's Master's orders and all that, but I've never worn a strange costume like this before. It's most hard to get accustomed to!"
  • Encounter in Shop (Anniversary): "Thank you for keeping me in mind, en... I'm really glad to know it."


  • Main: "My master will be here soon, no doubt...I must ensure that this is a truly enjoyable evening for my favorite agent."
  • Skill: "Will Santa get here soon, I wonder...?"
  • Encounter in Shop: ""
  • Re-encountering in Shop: "Master, lets celebrate this special day together."


  • Main: "All right! I'm pulling out all the stops this time!"
  • Skill: "Come on! Have at you!"

[Xmas Eve][]

  • Main: "I'm glad you know so much about me, because I can't remember a thing!"
  • Skill: "Is this my true power?!"