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  • Pisces best fused with Pisces Magatama
  • Pisces best used  in a Phantom Defence Team
  • Pisces [Fallen] best fused with Pisces [Fallen] Magatama
  • Pisces [Fallen] is the first Divina Fallen
  • Pisces [Fallen] best used in a Divina Attack Team
  • Pisces [Fallen] is the first Fallen daemon to have a Special Ability for an Event
  • Pisces [Fallen] is the first daemon since Stewart [HW] to have a Special Ability and can be directly be acquired within the event (not by rare summon)
  • Pisces[Fallen] has the same skill name as Zhu Bajie


  • Main: "Want a fight?"
  • Skill: "Ready for my trump card?"


  • Main: "I'll eat you alive!"
  • Skill: "This fish is biting, baby!"