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  • Both of Planetarium's forms are best used in an Anima attack team.
  • Best fused with Planetarium magatama.
  • Planetarium is the mascot of the "En Garde! Ghost Agents Do Battle! ~ 5 ~" Event.
  • There is a chance that Planetarium is based off of the new planetarium in Okayama built in the Children's Hall,  which might be reason why Planetarium's design is a child.
  • His Amusement Park form has the highest non-LB total stat in the game. He also has the fifth-highest MLB total stat in the game.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Welcome to my night sky!"
  • Skill: "The naughty always get their punishment, you know!"
  • Encountering in Shop: "Good day to you! Oh, <Player's Name>! You've got to take your shoes off!"

Amusement Park[]

  • Main: "When we look up at the stars, we must be silent in our awe. How can adults know so little?"
  • Skill: "Adults are pathetic."
  • Encountering in Shop: "I'm not a kid. I'm not going to get excited about some dumb amusement park."
  • Encountering in Shop (Final Summon Bells): "Are you going to travel during the New Year vacation?"