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  • She is best used in a Divina defense team.
  • She is engaged and soon to be married to Susanoo.
  • Princess Kushinada or Kushi-inada-hime means "Comb/Wondrous rice-field princess".


  • Main: "Tsk, what did I tell you about slaying serpents just before dinner, Susanoo?"
  • Skill: "Don't talk back when you're spoken to!"
  • Facebook Desc: Though known as the fragile young girl once offered to Yamata no Orochi as a living sacrifice, Princess Kushinada's spent the past several thousand years toughening herself up, and is now quite the force to be reckoned with. She leaves no doubt as to who's in charge: even Susanoo (her fiance) is on his best behavior when he's around her.