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Professor Yata
Professor Yata upset
Kanji 八咫
Rōmaji Yata
Height --
Weight --
Gender Male
Species Mirror
Occupation Member of the Ghost Guild
First Apperance Chapter Nine: The Ghost Guild

Professor Yata is the mentor of Mira and holds a high position within the Main Ghost Guild in Kyoto. Like Mira, he is the Anima of a historic Mirror. Yata keeps most of the peace and order in Japan and is the one who sends <Player's Name>'s missions. It is later revealed in Chapter 15 that he is from the Shrine of Seven Days.


Yata has pale skin and long, white silver hair adorned with many antique hair ornaments. He slightly resembles Mira in overall appearance. He wears an ancient red robe with metallic accessories covering his arm-sleeves. He has a tattoo on his forehead and has grey eyes, though he is usually seen with his eyes closed.


He has a calm and tempered demeanor. According to Mira, he is very strong, and is very scary when angry.


After finally reaching the Ghost Guild in Chapter 9, <Player's Name> and Yata both introduce themselves to each other and <Player's Name> reports the events of Chapter 8 to Yata. He relies on <Player's Name> to negotiate with the guardian spirits protecting the spirit stones.

Though he intended to give <Player's Name> and Mira a break after Chapter Ten, Yata becomes worried about an incident occurring within Tokyo and sends <Player's Name and Mira to resolve the incident.

Yata reappears as the Yata from the era of a thousand years ago. Here he reveals that he is from the "Shrine of Seven Days" where he is not bound by the effects of time and space. He tells <Player's Name> and Mira that their allies have summoned the two to stop Sutoku's tyranny.