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Kyoto Rajomon C1021

This marker shows the site of the former Rajōmon (Rashōmon), the great south gate to the city of Kyoto, Japan.

Rajōmon also called Rashōmon was the gate built at the southern end of the monumental Suzaku Avenue in the ancient Japanese cities of Nara and Kyoto, in accordance with the Chinese grid-patterned city layout. At the other far north-end of Suzaku Avenue, one would reach the Suzakumon Gate, the main entrance to the palace zone. As of 2007, the southern end of Suzaku Avenue and the possible remainder of the equivalent gate in Kashihara are yet to be discovered.

The gate's name in modern Japanese is Rajōmon. Rajō (羅城) refers to city walls and mon (門) means "gate," so Rajōmon signifies the main city gate.


It is said that Watanabe no Tsuna found a demon (that happened to be Ibaraki-doji) in Rashomon and cut of the demon's arm when they battled. When Tsuna next returned to Rashomon, he found a beautiful girl (Ibaraki-doji in disguise) who expressed desire to see the arm that Tsuna cut off from the demon. After looking carefully at the arm, the girl changed appearance back into Ibaraki-doji, who took the arm and flew into the skies.