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  • Best used in a Divina Defense team, but could be utilized in attack due to higher attack stat.
  • The Original has a very low Attack:Spirit ratio.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: ""Will Lord Nobunaga be pleased?""
  • Failed Negotiation: "I have to refuse. I only answer to one master, and his name is Lord Nobunaga. He will return for me!"
  • Successful Negotiation: "Hmmm... Well, I suppose it's better than being all alone... <Player's Name>, you'll have to do your best to arrange a meeting with Nobunaga! "
  • Pre-transmigration: "A-Agh! My body...<Player's Name>, it would seem that I can develop somewhat further. It will not trouble me to become more powerful." 
  • Skill: "I wish to help you!"
  • Re-encountering: "Lord Nobunaga! Lord Nobunaga! Hmph. What are you laughing for? I'll take you on alone!"


  • Main: "A crybaby? Me? Never!"
  • Transmigration: "Now I have all the strength I could wish for. This time round, I shall really be able to protect my master, Lord Nobunaga." A hero of the Ando-Momoyama period, and loyal page to the warrior lord Oda Nobunaga. He perished alongside Nobunaga, as a result of Mitsuhide Akechi's treacherous plot.
  • Skill: "My life is at my master's service!"