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  • Both forms are best used in a Phantom attack team.
  • She is best fused with Wind Weasel, who has the same skill, as well as Rat Clan Koko [HW] Magatama
  • Her [HW] version is dressed up as a nurse.
  • Koko has a rat tattoo on her right chest, symbolising her association with the rat clan.
  • Koko is the only rat clan member who does not increase in rarity in the her HW form.
  • It is possible that a dispute between her and Rat Clan Boss, as she had left for a trip to Hawaii alone during the time of the "Ayakashi Anniversary Tower" Event.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "So you're back again! How nice to see you!"
  • Skill: "Huh!? Back so soon?"
  • Encounter in Shop: "I'm Koko, from Club-Q! I'm waiting for our instructions! (○^▽^○)"


  • Main: "Hold still... This might sting a bit."
  • Skill: "I want to eat something sweet!"