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  • Rat Clan Henchman is best used in Phantom Attack team.
  • Rat Clan Henchman [HW] has his attack and defense doubled from the regular Rat Clan Henchman.
  • Rat Clan Henchman is the daemon to appear the most times in story (not including Mira).
  • Both Rat Clan Henchman are chewing on bubblegum

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "You wanna join my gang?"
  • Story 1: "You talkin' to ME, pipsqueak? You got a lotta nerve talkin' to a member of the Rat Clan like that, y'know?"
  • Story 2: "Gyah ha ha! You'll regret the day you picked a fight with US! The streets of Ikebukuro are OURS, so get lost!"


  • Main: "You know you can rely on the Rat Clan!"
  • Successful Negotiation: ""
  • Skill: "You can Always rely on the Rat Clan!"