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Sakatokego no kami is another name for Kononayasakuya. Her father was Oyamatsumi, son of Izanami and Izanagi, and brother of Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo, Kukunochi and Kaya. His daughters were Konohanasakuya, the blossom princess and Iwanaga, the rock princess.

Ninigi, grandson of Amaterasu, fell in love with Konohanasakuya, but when Oyamatsumi offeren him Iwanaga in marriage he refused, condemning humanity to live short, fruitful lives like blossoms, rather than long, unchanging lives like rocks. Konohanasakuya became pregnant in just one night after marriage, making Ninigi worry about her faithfulness. As a show of her purity, Konohanasakuya burned down a doorless hut with her inside and emerged unharmed with her three children, proving that the children were indeed the offspring of the god Ninigi. Oyamatsumi was said to be so thrilled of their birth that he made Amenotamu Sake for the gods, and this led him to also be called Sakatoke no Kami, the god of wine making. Konohanasakuya, as the child of Oyamatsumi, was named Sakatokego no kami, with go meaning child.

The Amenotamu-zake he made was the predecessor of the modern day Amazake, a sweet mildly alcoholic sake.