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  • Both Satori's (Rare Summon & Tanabata) are designated for a Phantom Attack team, while Satori [Techo Pop], for a Phantom defense team.
  • Satori [Techno Pop] is best fused with Satori [Techno Pop]'s Magatama.
  • On Facebook, they declare that Satori is a girl, but the art made it pretty obvious even though her original form's description refers to her as an "it".
  • In the "Ancient Japan's Got Talent!" Event, She, Ameno Uzume, and Mira form a dance group called the Mi-Sa-Me Megastars.  The groups' name takes one part of each person's name, meaning the Sa comes from Satori.
  • She's currently the only daemon to appear both as a Wandering Ghost and a Guardian Ghost in two different tower events.
  • She was one of the daemons unable to attend to the celebration at the "Ayakashi Anniversary Tower". She had sent out a telegram, however it turned out to be another self-advertisement for her dance performance, like Koi Carp's.
  • Sarori played the role of "The Medium" in the "Ayakashi Werewolf Village" event.

More Quotes


  • Main: " I know everything about you... You cannot conceal anything from me.”
  • Encountering In Shop: "I know everything about you... You cannot conceal anything from me."
  • Skill: "I know what you will do next..."


  • Main: "No...Don't look... I'm embarrassed!"
  • Skill: "I cannot forgive that..."

[Techno Pop]

  • Main: "Dancing makes me feel...alive!"
  • Skill: "I can truly be myself..."


  • Main: "Werewolves. This should be fun"
  • Skill: " I say you are a liar!"
  • Encounter in Shop: "...I found the killer."