Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Onmyouroku) Wiki

Here are some tips for unlocking sealed daemons.  Unofficially, the sealstones are numbered as follow:  Red=1, Orange=2, Yellow=3, Green=4, Blue=5, Purple=6.

Obtain Through Story[]

The sealstones that you can obtain though the story is randomly one of the following 3 sets.

Set 1) Red, orange, yellow and green in chapters 1 and 2.  

Set 2) Orange, yellow, green and blue in chapters 1 and 2.  

Set 3) Yellow, green, blue and purple in chapters 1 and 2.  

For chapters 3 to 11, in each chapter you would randomly get 3 or 4 of the sealstones within your set.  Chapter 12 and on seems much more random.  Some players reports getting sealstones from outside of their set.  

Assuming the player base is equally distributed in the 3 sets, we can see that 

Red (1) =1 out of 3 sets.

Orange (2) =2 out of 3 sets.

Yellow (3) =3 out of 3 sets.

Green (4) = 3 out of 3 sets.

Blue (5) = 2 out of 3 sets.

Purple (6) = 1 out of 3 sets.

So red and purple will be more highly contested.  So overall in terms of difficulty:

Red = Purple > Blue = Orange > Green = Yellow

Event sealstones, such as those during a tower event, are totally random.  

Obtain Through Battles[]

Seal Undone

To obtain sealstones through battle, go to menu-Stone-then choose which stone you want to steal.  

Look at the battle list and choose the right opponent to steal it from. Look at the level, leader cards and defense spirit. Don’t forget the 10-level restriction. Also, be wary of charms.

Most of the time, there are charms if:

1. It is a rare stone

2. A lower level player than average in the battle list has it.

Some of the battle list for stones have no opponents or have players with very strong decks (cashers, mini whales, whales). If this is the case, just be patient and refresh the battle list once in a while. Someone easily beaten will appear. Look for free player leaders. Or wait for the events when usually there are more sealstones available. 

1. Tower is generally a good event to steal stones. 

Assuming you don’t spam remedies and use the appropriate teams against the guardian ghosts and wandering ghosts, you should have a lot of attack spirit left. Most players would probably be busy battling wandering ghosts or stealing the event sealstones. Adding to that, there is less chance of getting revenged on.

There are also a lot of players with very low defense spirit - 15 to 39 usually because they allocated their points to health. Though these players usually get revenge after the event is done.

2. In soul gem events, players usually use their attack spirit to steal gems. Therefore, it might be a good time to steal stones if your stones are usually being stolen in 3seconds at other times. This is especially true for those level 80-99 players with free player leads.

3. Conquest is also a good event to steal stones.

There are a lot of players who have seal stones in the battle list because a lot of people find stones and a lot of people level up.Adding to that, the defense spirit of your opponent will be diminished when fighting the conquest boss. 

Choose the right opponent when stealing sealstones during conquest. For below 81, people might not do revenge but for those above 81, be careful. Generally choose those level 81-99 players, with less than 230ds, and have a free player lead. This is because most likely, they are only going for 80 or 100 and those with low defense will not go far in conquest anyway. 

4. For guild conquest, same with conquest though you might get revenged on by the whole guild. So don’t steal their stones if you think they are battling high level fallens. 

5. If there is an en garde, if you are going for the prizes, then it is not advisable to steal sealstones. This is because you might lose your winning streak if you lose the battle due to charms. Adding to that, unless zynga changed the rules, teams with high attack spirit usage has inefficient victory points ratio. 

When stealing sealstones, the use of spirit water for sealstones might not be advisable since it is more useful for conquest. But it is your spirit water so use it as you see fit.

Don’t forget to build your defense team so you can keep the sealstones you find in story or steal through battle.  (See: Daemon Team Tips).

Generally, the blue and purple sealstones are most sought after because they are rarer. There are exceptions like lady suzuka red, kiri red, hijod orange and others. Therefore, these sealstones are those that you might want to obtain last or if you want, put charms on in order to earn some time and silver.

There isn't a need to overuse charms except when you want to make some money. One or two on a stone is usually plenty to buy time (two or more if it keeps on becoming stolen). Charms can be obtained through buying, daily gifts, soul gem events and guild donation.

With that, good luck getting those sealed daemons!

Last tips:

1. Don’t fuse the daemons since you will only get magatamas for the next completions.

2. Don’t forget to get their magatama for the daemon scrolls (1/5 divine nectar) and for maxing their skills. Generally, their skills are quite good like hare, lady suzuka, kiri, hijod, etc.

3. If you’re close to entering the level 81+ battlefield, better complete your sealstones because most of the rare stones are gonna be stolen by higher level players, esp. if you have a free player lead. 

Charm Use