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  • Sensu is very useful for a defense team with a lot of Anima daemons.
  • Sensu is best placed in an Anima defense team.
  • It is best to fuse it with SensuMagatama.
  • In the Hinaningyo set, Bayashi-5 (Miyabi) holds the Sensu in his hand.
  • If her skill activates at level 20, her personal defense would be 5370.

More Quotes[]

  • Main: "Gentlemen! Prepared to be charmed!"
  • Release: "You'll free me, you say? Wonderful! I'll dance for you as a token of my thanks!"-The soul of a fan particularly valued by its owner, the mythical court dancer known as Lady Shizuka. She was sealed away by Yoritomo.
  • Skill: "Tee hee, yes that's my alter ego."