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  • Her incantations/spells:
    • Normal: Those who dare disrupt the light of the full moon... Those who turn the depths of the sea to a raging tempest... BEGONE!
    • Against Gargoyle: The crimson night envelops time, the ring of souls spins forth the hallowed sword...
    • To reveal an ominous castle over the ocean: Drink ye waves of mortals' blood, and embrace the tumult of idle beginnings... O Lord of Beasts... Arise from thy slumber, and howl to the firmament...
  • She calls herself Sister though her real name is yet unknown.
  • She seems to have a relation with the Golden Angel and possibly the Peach Angel.
  • She refers Eisuke as "Sir Yuki".
  • Similar to Chiyome Mochizuki during "The Ninjas' Elegy" event, she appears to be on your side until defeating a major enemy and then turns on you.
  • Although she claims to be from the same institute as Eisuke Yuki, Eisuke doesn't seem to know or recognize her.