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  • Original form is best used in any team or as a leader, due to equal stats or skill.
  • Winter Style form is best used in a Divina attack team.
  • Academy form is best used in a DIvina Defense team.
  • When introduced, Zynga briefly changed her name to Sister Maria.
  • Original special ability: Greatly increases the likelihood of receiving Reward Conquest Points during "Halloween SOS" event.



  • Main: "When I reload, you should say your prayers!"
  • Skill: "See you in the next life, suckers!"
  • Encounter in shop: "I don't want to hear you complaints! It's time for you to rest in peace!"

Winter Style[]

  • Main: "You really think you can run from me?"
  • Skill: "Mmmm! I don't know what to shoot next!"


  • Main: "Tell me where it hurts..."
  • Skill: ""
  • Encountering in Shop: "Want an injection?"