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  • Appears in Montopia!, with the name Thawna, if you put in the code from Ayakashi Ghost Guild. (No longer available)
  • Best used in a Attack team, or a Phantom defense team, though it is better to use Pipe fox.
  • She has the ability to conjure snow and ice at any time and place. Though she uses this ability just so she can play around in the snow.

More Quotes[]

  • Main: "Hey you! Come and play with me! You want a snowball fight? Mind if I use icicles? Tee hee... How about we build a snowman?"
  • Successful Negotiation: "Ha! All right! Seems like we could have a bit of fun together, eh <Player's Name>?  Let's make it so!"
  • Skill: "Wahh haa! Freeze, you suckers!"