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Suuhi Yuki-onna

A Yuki-onna from Hyakkai-Zukan a collection of illustrations of demons, monsters and spirits in Japan.

The snow woman is a yuki-onna, which can be also translated as snow woman.  The yuki-onna usually traps travelers in snowstorms.  Some even blow down doors and end up freezing the humans in their sleep.  Some say that they are satisfied to see their victims die and others say that they vampiric and suck the life force out of humans.  In some tales some yuki-onna let their victims go.  Apparently they go to heaven the same way humans do. 

In other versions, two men spend the night in an abandoned cabin in the middle of the mountains, unable to go home because of a snow storm. The younger man wakes up in the middle of the night, sees a yuki-onna entering the cabin, and witnesses the older man being killed by her. The yuki-onna decides not to kill him under one condition: he must never tell anyone of what happened that night. Breaking this promise will result in the yuki-onna finally coming to kill the man. In further variations of this version, after the encounter during that night, the yuki-onna disguises herself as a beautiful human girl and marries the man. After many years, (in some cases because the man got drunk, in others because of the effects of aging to the brain) the man's tongue slips and he tells his wife about what happened during that night. His wife turns back into a yuki-onna and kills him.